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What levels require a tryout?

We conduct tryouts (also known as “skills assessments”) for our AAA, Minors, and Majors divisions.

What are tryouts?

For our competitive divisions (AAA, Minors, and Majors) we conduct a skills assessment that provides our managers and coaches the opportunity to see where each player stands in key baseball skills – fielding, throwing, hitting, running, and pitching (optional).  This helps us accomplish two things: ensure each child is playing at a level appropriate to his or her skill set (so as to have the most fun and thrive), and that teams are evenly balanced in each division.

When are tryouts?

Typically, at the end of January (second-to-last or last weekend in January) or the first weekend of February.  Weather is a factor, and sometimes we may schedule for the second-to-last weekend in January only to be forced by Mother Nature to delay.  We ask families to be flexible if this happens – it’s completely out of our control.

But…we’re on ski team/we’re going to be out of town that weekend/we have a competitive soccer game/we have flag football/my player has a broken leg.  We’ll miss tryouts.  When are makeups?

Unfortunately, we do not have makeups. In MVLL, the coaching staffs evaluate the players.  To have a make-up session, we’d need to bring back the managers and coaches from 8-10 teams for any given division to look at any players who missed the main tryout.  While we strongly encourage families to do their best to have their player at tryouts, we recognize that it’s not always possible.  If your player has played in MVLL before, we have evaluation data that managers and coaches will be able to rely upon in making their drafting decisions.

Does everyone make a team?

Yes, although not necessarily in the division for which the player tried out.  During tryouts MVLL league personnel may identify players that, for their own safety and for best-fit skill development purposes, may be asked to play in a different division.  The division Commissioner and/or Player Agent will privately discuss this with the player’s family.

9’s with prior playing experience will not play below Farm.  10’s with prior playing experience will not play below AAA.  11’s with prior playing experience will not play below Minors.  12’s must play in Majors, unless a waiver to a different division is approved by league and district administrators.

In the Minors and Majors divisions, it is possible that some 10’s will not be drafted onto a Minors team, and some 11’s will not be drafted onto a Majors team.  In this instance, a 10 is guaranteed a spot on an AAA team, and an 11 is guaranteed a spot on a Minors team.  The player will be placed in the appropriate draft after being notified by the Player Agent of the situation.


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