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Welcome to the home of Mill Valley Little League!

District 3 District Tournament

Schedules subject to change

10 Year Old All Stars

Record: 2 - 0

Date Home Visitor Location
6/25/16 10:30 am Mill Valley 11 SF - American 3 Boyle
6/26/16 11:00 am SF - National 2 Mill Valley 18 Treasure Island
6/28/16 5:30 pm Novato South Mill Valley Hamann Field
6/30/16 5:30 pm San Rafael Mill Valley Glenwood Field
7/2/16 10:30 am Novato North Mill Valley Babe Silva Field
7/3/16 10:30 am Ross Valley Mill Valley Bacich


11 Year Old All Stars

11 Year Old All Stars

Record: 2 - 0

Please note the change in location for the 6/29 game.  It is now at Boyle Park

Date Home Visitor Location
6/25/16 2:00 pm Novato North 6 Mill Valley 2 Boyle
6/26/16 3:00 pm SF - American 2 Mill Valley 15 Bacich
6/27/16 5:30 pm San Rafael Mill Valley Boyle
6/29/16 5:30 pm San Francisco-National Mill Valley Boyle
7/2/16 5:00 pm Mill Valley Twin Cities Joe Wagner
7/3/16 2:00 am Mill Valley Ross Valley Bacich


12 year old All-Star team.

12s from Opening Ceremony

12 Year Old All Stars

Record: 2 - 0

Please note: that a game on 6/28 has been added to the schedule

Date Home Visitor Location
6/25/16 5:00 pm Mill Valley 11 SF-American 3 Boyle
6/26/16 3:00 pm San Rafael 1 Mill Valley 8 Glenwood
6/28/16 5:30 pm Tiburon Mill Valley Boyle Park
6/30/16 5:30 pm Dixe Terra Linda Mill Valley Boyle Park
7/2/16 5:00 pm West Marin Mill Valley Central
7/3/16 2:00 pm Twin Cities Mill Valley Joe Wagner


Junior All Stars

Record: 0 - 2

Date Home Visitor Location
6/25/16 12:00 pm San Francisco 13  Mill Valley 3 Vallecito Park
6/26/16 11:00 am Twin Cities 13 Mill Valley 3 Endriss Field
6/27/16 5:00 pm West Marin Mill Valley White Hill Field
6/30/16 5:00 pm Mill Valley Dixie-Terra Linda Vallecito Park
7/2/16 5:00 pm Mill Valley San Rafael San Rafael High School


District 3 Tournament of Champions


Date Home Visitor Location
6/18/16 3:30 pm Twin Cities 6 Dixie Terra Linda 3 Vallecito
6/18/16 3:00 pm West Marin 5 San Francisco 14 White Hill Field
6/19/16 10:00 am San Rafael 3 Mill Valley 2 Endriss
6/19/16 2:00 pm Twin Cities 6 San Francisco 11 Endriss
6/22/16 5:30 pm San Francisco San Rafael Endriss

Juniors 50/70

Congratulations on a great season.

6/8 Tiburon 7 vs Mill Valley 6

6/5 San Francisco -American 6 vs. Mill Valley 18 


Date Home Visitor Location
6/17/16 5:30 pm Tiburon 11 Ross Valley 1 Bacich
6/17/16 5:30 pm Novato S. 5 Dixie Terra Linda: 6 Hamann Field
6/17/16 5:30 pm SF 2 Twin Cities 3 Treasure Island
6/19/16 11:00 am Novato N. Twin Cities Babe Silva Field
6/19/16 11:00 am SF A. Dixie Terra Linda Gallinas Field
6/19/16 2:00 pm Mill Valley 5 West Marin 4 Central
6/20/16 5:30 pm Mill Valley 3 Tuburon 2 Glenwood Field
6/20/16 5:30 pm Dixie Terra Linda 3 Twin Cities 4 Joe Wagner
6/22/16 5:30 pm Mill Valley 5 Twin Cities 8 Joe Wagner


Date Home Visitor Location
6/18/16 11:00 am Mill Valley 12 Novato North 2 Babe Silva Field
6/18/16 5:00 pm Tiburon 15 West Marin 14 Strawberry
6/18/16 3:00 pm Twin Cities 2 SF - American 12 Bacich
6/18/16 2:00 pm Novato South 11 San Rafael 9 Hamann Field
6/18/16 5:30 pm Dixie Terra Linda 4 West Marin 15 Gallinas Field
6/18/16 5:30 pm SF - National 12 San Rafael 8 Glenwood Field
6/18/16 5:30 pm Novato N. 11 S./ Marin City: 5 Kundsen
6/18/16 5:30 pm Ross Valley 1 SF - American 5 Treasure Island
6/19/16 11:00 am SF American 8 Novato South 13 Strawberry Field
6/19/16 2:00 pm Mill Valley 9 Tiburon 13 Strawberry Field
6/21/16 5:30 pm Tiburon Novato South Strawberry Field


Date Home Visitor Location
6/12/16 10:30 am Novato North 10 Mill Valley: 0 Treasure Island
6/12/16 2:00 pm San Rafael 8 Novato South 21 Treasure Island
6/14/16 5:30 pm SF - National 19 SF - American: 12 Glenwood
6/14/16 5:30 pm Novato North 1 Novato South 11 Hamann Field
6/14/16 5:30 pm Mill Valley 9 SF - American 5 Boyle
6/16/16 5:30 pm Novato South: 12 SF - National 0 Hamann Field
6/16/16 5:30 pm Novato North 10 SF - American: 0 Babe Silva Field
6/16/16 5:30 pm Mill Valley 4 San Rafael 6 Boyle
6/19/16 10:30 am SF - American 3 San Rafael 12 Glenwood Field
6/19/16 2:00 pm Novato South: 9 Mill Valley: 3 Hamann Field
6/19/16 2:00 pm Novato North: 10 SF - National: 0 Babe Silva Field
6/21/16 5:30 pm Novato North 4 San Rafael 8 Babe Silva Field
6/21/16 5:30 pm Novato South 5 Mill Valley 15 Hamann Field
6/23/16 5:30 pm San Rafael Mill Valley Babe Silva Field

Field Conditions HotLine

Call the Mill Valley Parks & Recreation Hotline (updated daily at 2 pm) at (415) 383.7818 for field status (closures) due to weather.


The city has now created a website for field conditions Check field conditions

Junior O'Dogg winners

Team Recipient
Blue Jays McCoy Simpson
Giants Crewe Hudson
Cubs Thomas Treadwell

Major League O'Dogg winners

Team Recipient
Angles Josh Clark-Hexter
Indians Joes Daniels
Padres Emerson Rabow
White Sox Matt Marsh
Yankees Nick Fong

Minor League O'Dogg winners

Team Recipient
Cardinals Harrison Engle
Rockies Mason Le
Astros Gavin Freda
Brewers Tristan Diecks
Blue Jays Ben Kraaijvanger

Minors AAA O'Dogg winners

Team Recipient
Grays Will Kernan
Monarchs Jamie Clahan
Rangers Oliver Jones
Pirates Jackson Gates
Devil Rays Semetri Carr
Tigers Luke Aspatore
Phillies Farhan Khaliq
Marlins Michael House
Athletics Audrey Knowles
Orioles Oskar Armour

Farm League O'Dogg winners

Team Recipient
Bats Lars Jackson
Dragons Stella Bannister
Fightin' Phils Charlie Sadlier
Grasshoppers Hugo Ray
Hooks Kaelin Christman
Hot Rods Andrew Scanlon
Iron Birds Devin Perkins
Iron Pigs Timo Ural
Mud Hens Eli Keith
Raptors Dara Zolfaghari
Red Wings Andrew Coan
Rock Hounds Sebastian Kauh
River Cats Hector Sigurdsson
Sea Dogs Eddie Kideckel
Timber Rattlers Leo Sanchez

Star League O'Dogg winners

Team Recipient
Dragons Willa Kruze
Bulls Ethan Camposano
Lake Monsters Trey Sasso
Volcanoes Reis Kiger
Scrappers Dean Sward
River Bandits Charley Blumberg
Bees Jaden Lundgren
Lugnuts Seamus Nesbit
Timber Rattlers Henry Bennett
Sea Dogs Payson Buchanan

Rookie League O'Dogg winners

Team Recipient
Mets Jack Stevenson
Blue Wahoos Grayson Lundgren
Rivercats Joey Carvalho
Tin Caps Will Burton
River Dogs Charlie Osher
Storm JP Peavy
Mudcats Hugo Bockh
Bulls Thomas Strong
Muckdogs Jasper Dumont

Juniors City Champions

Junior City Champions

Majors City Champions -- The Pirates

City Champions

Major League Zephyr Cup Winners -- The Cubs

Zephyr Cup Winners

Minors City Champions -- The Brewers

Minors City Champions

Minors La Ginestra Cup Winners -- The Cardinals

La Ginestra Cup Winners

Minors AAA - Swirl Cup Winners -- The Devil Rays

Swirl Cup Winners

Congratulations to the 2016 10, 11, 12 and Junior All-Stars nominees

10's 11's 12's Juniors
William Basnight Will Bennett Matteo Bellisimo Eli Blum
James Bonneau Charlie Blau Colin Bires Joshua Blum
Holden Bougie Josh Clark Hexter Ryan Boyd Tim Clifford
Thomas Boyle Colin Day Charles Boyle Jackson Hukari
Ryan Burns Nick Ferraro Sam Ehrman Crew Hutson
Tyler Buxton Jack Fierstein Parker Falzone Silvio Lester
Kaiden Dossa Carson Frame Griffin Grooms Joe Lubenow
Miles Gensler Emmet George Cooper Hoffman Ian McCormac
Jack Hanna Cole Harrison Hoffman Joachim Will Meuse
Zane Kiger Thomas Harrison Sebastian Kuhn Colin Moe
Bryn Kramlich Colin Lam Josh Markowitz Meeker Mychal Nishimora
Reed Leidlein Hudson Lam Cole McGowan Buddy Pendergast
Sean Marsh Caden Maas Jake Moore Ben Reade
Gage McKay Jack Mollner Aeneas Nicholas Justice Rosen
Jake Ostrander Shane Patel Willem Palmer Julian Selix
Jack Phibbs Cooper Scheuermann Jason Press Ben Stoops
Niall Shiels Donegan Grant Selig Cruz Quezada Oliver Zink
Henry Simpson Marcis Shelton Emerson Rabow
Owen Swenson Christian Son Henry Salkever  
Wesley Wihlborg Lukas Stoker Will Shine  
Braden Young   Jacob Young  

Congratulations to the 2016 9 year old All-Stars

Oskar Armour Hugo Barberie Semetri Carr
Bennett Dammann Elliot Dasovich Teddy (Tito) Fierstein
Reed Hanna Cooper Hatch Finn Howard
Cooper Kift Cole Maxson Isabelle McFadden
Jace Peterson Cam Root Connor Salita
Ryan Simon Eli Solem Andrew Sternfels
Henry Stoll Jackson VanTil  

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Parent's Corner

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As a community youth athletic program this is to serve notice that Mill Valley Little League, annually conduct a national background Criminal and Sex offender check on all Volunteers who provide regular service to the youth of the league

A “community youth athletic program” must provide written notice to the parent or guardian of a youth participating in the program regarding the program’s policies relating to criminal background checks for volunteers and hired coaches in the program. If criminal background checks are obtained for hired or volunteer coaches, the written notice shall contain both of the following: (A) a statement regarding whether the criminal background check includes state and federal criminal history information and whether the program obtains subsequent arrest notification for those individuals; and (B) contact information regarding where the parent or guardian of a child participating in a “community youth athletic program” can obtain additional information about the program’s background check policy, such as the entity providing the criminal background check or the nature of the type of offenses the program searched. Written notice is satisfied by a posting on the “community youth athletic program’s” website. A “community youth athletic program” is defined as an organization that: (A) has a primary purpose of the promotion or provision of athletic activities for youth under 18 years of age; and (B) has adult employees who have supervisory or disciplinary power of children.

The text of Bus. &Prof. Code § 18900 can be viewed:  Here