Pool Players


Pool Player Guidelines - 2017 Season

Pool players enable teams in the competitive divisions (AAA, Minors, Majors) to field enough players to prevent a forfeit.  The lower divisions do not use pool players.


1. The request is made by the manager or coach of the team directly to the Pool Player AdministratorNO LESS THAN 24 HOURS before the game.  Please TEXT or Email the Pool Payer Administrator.


2. Pool Player Administrator will make the decision as to which player from the pool is selected to play on any given day. Managers may not request specific players.


3. Once a manager makes his request for a pool player; he must use that player (even if he subsequently doesn't need him and/or calls Pool Player Administrator and says whoops).


4. No request is to be made if 10 players are already available to play.  Managers should (but are not required to) request a pool player if they only have 9 available players.


5. Pool players must play at least the minimum time: 9 defensive outs/3 innings and bat at least once. Even if a team player shows up, pool player must still play the 3 innings and bat at least once.


6. Pool players are not to be starters (in lieu of rostered players) and bat only after all present team players have batted. Managers need to be aware of how to handle substitutions to avoid rule violations.


7. No more than TWO pool players may be requested for any one game.


8. Pool players cannot pitch or catch.


9. Pool players must wear their own uniforms.


10. All players are considered pool players and may decline or accept when called.


11. Pool players cannot play more innings that any rostered players present in a 6 inning game.



David Selig

Player Agent / Pool Player Administrator

Cell: 415-305-3502



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